Filmore & Union coming soon to Redbrick

18th Jan 2017


Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, here’s a little more information about Filmore & Union…

Filmore & Union - which was simply named after two street names in San Francisco – was founded in February 2011, after owner Adele and Head Chef Wil shared a mutual frustration over the lack of healthy restaurants available in Yorkshire.

Adele, a former wellness clinic owner, and Wil a former Michelin Star Chef set out to create a restaurant that served delicious unprocessed food, made from a selection of fresh ingredients, in a unique and vibrant setting.

The first Filmore & Union restaurant was opened in 2012 in the centre of York. Since then, seven additional restaurants have opened – meaning that people across England are becoming more conscious about the positive effects of pure, natural food.

Together with Adele’s nutritional knowledge and Wil’s creativity with food, they created what is now known as one of the top health eateries in the country. What started with a vision is now an exciting revelation.

The ethos behind Filmore & Union is simple… They believe that a healthy diet is not what you don’t eat, but precisely what you do. Filmore & Union promote balance in all areas of life, meaning no calorie counting, just enjoying pure, clean food that tastes delicious. Whatever you pick up from the menu is made entirely from scratch with the highest quality and healthiest ingredients in their own kitchens. 


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