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20th Jul 2016

 Since 1921, when Giovanni Alessi and his brother established a workshop to create tableware and household objects, the name ALESSI has defined standards of craftsmanship and elegance. 

In almost a century, Alessi has progressively become profound for being one of the leading “Factories of Italian design”, showing it’s capability of applying years of practise to the manufacture of many different product types. 

 The Pulcina Espresso Maker takes the typical iconic, unique Alessi style and adds it to the art of brewing coffee. The cast aluminium figure features elegance and curves to it’s layer-like design. This collaboration with Illy Coffee, originates it’s name from the distinctive pointed spout, which is suggestive of a baby chick’s beak.

 The Pulcina Espresso Maker is available in three sized and two handle colour options.

 Discover our extensive range of Alessi, available from Ice Interiors at Redbrick, which is located on our first floor, or alternatively call the team at Ice Interiors on 01924 452027. 


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