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3rd Apr 2019

Bringing Japanese Zen into your home is all about creating an environment of peace, relaxation and an inner sanctuary free from the stresses and strains of life in the outside world. Some of the essentials features of Zen design are clean lines, raw materials, subdued colours and plenty of open space. 

The trend combines aspects of minimalism, scandinavian and Japanese design philosophies. These design styles all focus on making use of natural and contrasting materials such as cane, concrete, glass, rattan, leather, and unfinished wood. 

We love the Twins Dining Table from the Design Quarter - the rustic wooden top sits on 2 sleek glass legs, giving the table an almost floating appearance. The 675 Chair by Case from Heal's is a classic chair that has been beautifully revised in a combination of materials - with a steel frame, leather seat and wooden back rest.

Lighting is also essential in Zen design, steering away from traditional over head lighting which can be bright and harsh, instead using low-level lighting such as floor and table lamps. The Zen floor lamp from Natuzzi evokes the Orient, and its shape recalls the lanterns used in places of relaxation and meditation. 

MADE.COM's Masako LED table lamp has an inner shade that's opal while the outer one's smoked - this combination of finishes will add an extra dimension to your room. Low-level lighting impacts your mood positively, by creating a more relaxed and subdued atmosphere.

Zen design also draws on the Japanese notion of ‘wabi-sabi' (translating to finding beauty in the irregularities) Made in Japan's tableware from Cotwsold Grey is based on traditional Japanese pottery processes and glazing techniques meaning each piece is unique, celebrating the simplicity of craftsmanship and appreciating natural objects.

The Zen trend also takes aspects of “hygge” - the Scandinavian trend which focuses on creating an atmosphere of familiarity, warmth and comfort. The Fes wool rug from MADE.COM and Islington wool cushions from Heal's will help you embrace the joy of staying in and cocooning yourself in cosy layers.

Space is created with functionality in mind, with a few statement pieces rather than an abundance of belongings. The Eden bed from Heal's and The Orange chair by Warm Nordic from Funktion Alley both combine wood and leather with organic, natural shapes that make a timeless silhouette; with materials that age gracefully.

Zen design will make you feel more at one with nature, but instead of colourful flower arrangements, opt for the simple deep greenery of a houseplant in an elegant vase - visit BoConcept on our ground floor to see a mix of heavy and elegant glassware, beautiful ceramics and earthy stoneware and terracotta. 

The result is clean lines, raw functionality, flawless craftsmanship and lots of contrast. Coming home to such design will be the perfect ending to a stressful day.

Get the look with Redbrick and create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your home.


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