The story starts in 1959, when Pasquale Natuzzi opened a workshop producing sofas and armchairs for the local market. In 1985 the American dream becomes reality for Natuzzi after setting up a partnership with Macy’s and in 1993 the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1998 the headquarters of Natuzzi Americas, designed by Mario Bellini, was inaugurated. The Natuzzi Group expanded to Europe and the Far East. Today the Group employs over 5000 people and has more than 1,150 points of sale worldwide.

The pride of the ‘100% Italian made’, an epitome of high quality, creative Italian craftsmanship. A creator of spaces where every detail breathes harmony, elegance and beauty. A philosophy of living expressed with a range of sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs, wall units, coffee tables, beds and accessories; designed at the Natuzzi Style Center
On occasion renowned designers, such as Claudio Bellini, Dror Benshetrit, Tapinassi e Manzoni, Pierangelo Sciuto, Kent Parker, Paola Navone, Bernhardt & Vella, are invited to interpret and decipher our DNA.

From the beginning, till today to tomorrow, the vision & know how of the Natuzzi family, working in different departments of the company, is leading the company into the future. As opposed to what other ‘furniture design companies’ claim, Natuzzi is a true authentic product. The premium line is manufactured in the factories -all producing on solar energy- of the Natuzzi Group in Italy. The Group has a vertically integrated production process with for example its own leather tannery in Udine, Friuli. As a result the Natuzzi leather products are of undeniable superior quality: Natuzzi produces the best leather sofas in the world, “so never buy a sofa without visiting a Natuzzi Gallery”.

Natuzzi's collection, entirely Made in Italy, blends design, functions, materials and colours to create harmony. For endless Italian design inspiration, visit our brand new Natuzzi Gallery located on our second floor.

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